The Modest Mom Shop


The larger my family grows, the more I realize how crucial it is to plan. From meal planning, to homeschooling, even to running a business, women today can wear lots of different hats; and whether you embrace loose schedules or strict routines, we’re delighted to offer products that are specially designed to help your day run more smoothly and efficiently.
— Caroline Allen

The Idea

Like most endeavors, Caroline Allen's blogging career started small.

She launched the Modest Mom blog as an outlet to share her heart about modest fashion and the beauty of femininity. However, over time it became a popular resource for thousands of women looking for encouragement not only in fashion, but in homemaking, marriage, and mothering as well.

Simply Beautiful

Eventually Caroline sought another way to serve her readers– by offering custom products specifically designed to support them in their various roles; as wives, as mothers, as daughters, as homemakers.

She placed 2 stipulations on every product she would offer – 1. It must maintain as much of a balance between usability and simplicity as possible and 2. It must be pretty to look at. In other words, she refused to sell anything she wouldn't be happy using herself.   

Made for real life. Yours.

Every product in the Modest Mom Shop has been purposefully designed to stand up to the rigors of real life. Our printable's are intended to make your life simpler and more organized while being beautiful to look at and use. 

We appreciate your visit to the Modest Mom Shop. We hope you can find something here that may be a blessing to you and the home you serve!